Ridges and Combes on the Quantock Hills

This walk heads along ridges to reach Beacon Hill before descending through combes to join the Coleridge Way and head to Holford.  After going through Hodder’s Combe the route ascends to Higher Hare Knapp.  There are stunning views and attractive combes on this walk. 

Walk Grade:

9 miles / 14.4 km

Total Ascent:
1526 feet / 468 metres

3 hours 45 mins / 4 hours 30 mins

This walk starts from the Wilmot’s Pool Car Park on the Quantock Hills. (Grid Ref: ST155381).

Walk Route:
Leaving the parking area head north west on a grassy track that joins a stony track heading west (Grid Ref: ST153383), stay with this track for 1.3km to reach Halsway Post (Grid Ref: ST140385).  Now head north west on the route of the Macmillan Way West for 1.75km to a fork in the path (Grid Ref: ST129398), here the Macmillan Way West goes to the left, fork right to head north along the track towards Bicknoller Post.

At Bicknoller post a number of paths merge at a junction (Grid Ref: ST129403) keep heading north for 160 metres to a fork in the track, go left and head steadily uphill for another 400 metres to a crossing of tracks (Grid Ref: ST127408) turn left and follow the path to the Ordnance Survey trig pillar on the summit of Beacon Hill.  

From the trig pillar take a path that descends northwards to cross two tracks.  At a junction of paths fork right (Grid Ref: ST125414) and descend into a combe with a plantation to the right of the path.  Cross a stream in Herridge Combe and pass through trees to reach a stream at the junction of Herridge Combe and Gay’s House Combe (Grid Ref: ST130418).  Cross the stream and continue north along the attractive Smith’s Combe to reach a junction with the Coleridge Way (Grid Ref: ST132423).

Turn right to join the Coleridge Way and head west following the route of this trail to join a track and pass cottages.  Stay on the Coleridge Way heading steadily downhill to pass Alfoxton House and join a tarmac driveway, follow this through the edge of Alfoxton Wood to reach the old Dog Pound on the edge of Holford (Grid Ref: ST152411). 

Follow the road to head into the Holford, after passing the Bowling Green (Grid Ref: ST154411), turn right up a track heading towards Hodder’s Combe.

Follow the path for 1.4 km to ford a stream (Grid Ref: ST144403). Continue south for 200 metres to another ford (Grid Ref: ST143401). Now fork left into Somerton Combe.  After 140 metres take a path on the left which fords the stream and then heads steeply uphill (Grid Ref: ST143400).

Keep with the path as it ascends steeply through the trees and then continue across open land to a crossing of paths on Lower Hare Knapp (Grid Ref: ST147400).  Now turn right to head uphill to the cairn on Higher Hare Knapp (Grid Ref: ST148395).

From the cairn take a path heading south on the ridge between Street Combe and Frog Combe for 1.3km to a junction of paths (Grid Ref: ST149384). Turn left and join the track and head east for 450 metres and then fork right on the grassy track to return to the starting point in the car park.

There are no public toilets.

There are no pubs or cafes on this route.  However, a short diversion from the route in Holford will lead to either the Plough Inn or The Coombe House Hotel Tea Room.

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Additional Information:
A narrative of this walk with pictures, historical information and points of interest can be viewed on my associated Two Dogs and an Awning website.

To follow my walk you will need Ordnance Survey Explorer Map OL140 – Quantock Hills & Bridgewater.

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