Woodford Valley and Stonehenge from Amesbury

This 13.4 mile (21.6km) circular walk from Amesbury goes along the Woodford Valley before following droves to Druids Lodge and then passing close to Stonehenge.  It returns to Amesbury along tracks.  This route crosses the busy A303 at Stonehenge care needs to be taken when crossing.

Walk Grade:

13.4miles / 21.6 km

4 hours 30 mins / 5 hours 30 mins

This walk starts from the car park at Bonnymead Park playing field.  Bonnymead Park, Recreation Road, Amesbury (SP4 7BB) (Grid Ref: SU150411).

Walk Route:
Start from the Bonnymead Park recreation ground car park on the outskirts of Amesbury (Grid Ref: SU150411) and follow the entrance driveway back towards Amesbury and turn right to take a footpath which passes the sewage works and then goes close to the River Avon.  After passing an old mill turn right (Grid Ref: SU158408) and join a broad track with the river flowing to the right 

Ignore footpaths on the left and keep on the track close to the river to pass the footbridge at Ham Hatches (Grid Ref: SU149410). The fenced path is easy to follow and soon turns to the south east at Moor Hatches. At a junction of paths (Grid Ref: SU143403) turn left and walk below a disused Chalk Pit. After 175 metres at a junction of paths (Grid Ref: SU144402) turn right and head south east, on reaching a gate continue in this direction along the top of the downs overlooking the river.  Stay with this path as it heads towards Ham Wood and then descends to a minor road (Grid Ref: SU 141386).

Turn right and pass Great Durnford Manor and continue into the village to pass the lane to St Andrew’s Church on the right and then the cricket ground on the left.  Soon after the cricket ground pass the Black Horse, currently closed. After the pub take a footpath on the right (Grid Ref: SU 135379). This path follows a driveway down to footbridges across the River Avon at Durnford Mill.  After crossing the river at a junction of paths, turn left (Grid Ref: SU133380).

This path heads south west for 1km to reach a minor road in Upper Woodford (Grid Ref: SU125374).  Turn left along the road and then after 65 metres take a footpath on the right which follows a wide drove uphill. Stay with this drove for 3km to reach the A360 at Druids Lodge (Grid Ref: SU100389). Turn right and walk besides the road for a 275 metres then turn right on a footpath along a track besides a workshop converting Camper Vans (Grid Ref: SU100392).  

This track leads through a copse and then continues along a drove for 3.25km to reach the A303 (Grid Ref: SU118418).  Cross this busy road with extreme caution to continue on the drove along the boundary fence of Stonehenge.  After 650 metres at a junction of paths near to the entrance to the stones turn right (Grid Ref: SU121424).

The route is now on access land and follows a path along the edge of the fence, passing the old, now disused, visitor centre. Continue to follow the path along the fence line to pass Stonehenge.  Go through a gate and continue along the southern edge of the next field to reach the southeast corner (Grid Ref: SU134420).

Turn left still in the field and follow the fence line to pass New King Barrows burial mounds.  On reaching a gate on the right go through and continue north along the footpath to reach Old King Barrows (Grid Ref: SU135428), turn right along a track for 175 metres to reach a junction of tracks (Grid Ref: SU137428).  

Turn right and stay with the track as it soon turns left and heads east towards Halfmoon Clump.  After passing the trees turn right at a junction of tracks (Grid Ref: SU151426). Follow this path down to the A345, here turn right and walk along the pavement to the A303 underpass at the Countess Roundabout.  

Emerging from under the road walk into Amesbury.  At traffic lights turn right into the High Street and follow this into Church Street. Now heading out of the town cross the River Avon on a pedestrian bridge besides the historic Queensbury Bridge.  Continue along the road until the junction with Recreation Road, follow this road back to the starting point. 

There are public toilets in the Central Car Park, Amesbury.
Toilets are also available in the pubs on this route during opening hours.

Amesbury: There are a range of pubs and cafe’s in Amesbury.
Great Durnford; Black Horse – (Currently closed awaiting new owners).
Upper Woodford: The Bridge Inn.

To download GPX and print map click “Learn More” below:

Additional Information:
A narrative of this walk with pictures, historical information and points of interest can be viewed on my associated Two Dogs and an Awning website.

To follow our walk you will need Ordnance Survey Outdoor Explorer Map 130 – Salisbury & Stonehenge

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