Godlingston Heath and Newton Heath

This 8.1 mile (13km) circular walk crosses heathland on the Isle of Purbeck and visits the historic Ower Quay

Walk Grade:

8.1 miles / 13km

2.45 – 3.15 hours

This walk starts from a small parking area besides the B3351 on the Isle of Purbeck  (Grid Ref: SZ017818). Please do not obstruct the gate, this is a fire access point to the heathland.

Walk Route:
From the parking area go through the gate and join the bridleway heading north.  Soon the path is crossing the Isle of Purbeck Golf Course.  After 225 metres at a junction of tracks turn left to head west (Grid Ref: SZ017820). After 500 metres the path turns to head northwest and continues besides the golf course for 850 metres before turning left and heading west again (Grid Ref: SZ008827).

The path soon leaves the golf course and reaches a junction of tracks on the edge of Kingswood Heath (Grid Ref: SZ004828), continue west on a broad track for 580 metres to reach a junction of tracks (Grid Ref: SY998830) turn right and head north for 1.4km.  At a crossing of tracks (Grid Ref: SZ001844) keep straight on and stay with the track for 1.9km to reach the attractive Ower Quay (Grid Ref: SY997861).

The walk resumes by retracing the route south from Ower Bay for 1km to reach a junction with the Poole Harbour Trail (Grid Ref: SY997852), turn left and follow the route of the trail for 2.4km.  At a junction of paths fork right to leave the Poole Harbour Trail (Grid Ref: SZ016844) and head on to heathland.

At a junction of tracks (Grid Ref: SZ017844) turn right and follow the track for 275 metres to reach a crossing of tracks (Grid Ref:  SZ015841).  Turn left and head southeasterly across Godlingston Heath staying with this direction for 1.6km to reach a junction of tracks (Grid Ref: SZ027831).

Turn right and head southwesterly on a track, ignore all paths and tracks to the left and right, after 1.5km the route rejoins the outward route by the Isle of Purbeck Golf Course (Grid Ref:  SZ017820).  Turn left and retrace the route to the car park.



Additional Information:
A narrative of this walk with pictures, historical information and points of interest can be viewed on my associated Two Dogs and an Awning website.

To follow our walk you will need Ordnance Survey Outdoor Explorer Map 15 – Purbeck and South Dorset

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