Around the Downs to Church Copse

This 4.2 mile (6.8km) circular walk starts at the Silver Plough and follows a drove to reach downland.  It goes around the downs, passing the site of a World War II decoy airfield and then goes through woodland to return to Pitton.

Walk Grade:

4.2 miles / 6.8km

1.5 hours

This walk starts from the Silver Plough public house in Pitton (SP5 1DU) (Grid Ref: SU212312). Please only use the pub car park if you intend to stop for refreshments before or after you walk.

Walk Route:
Starting from the Silver Plough turn left and then immediately left along The Green.  Ignore the footpaths leading to the right and left and stay on the lane to reach a bridleway (Grid Ref: SU214315) opposite Glebe House.

At the end of the bridleway  turn right to walk up the track, Winterslow Hollow.  Pass a footpath on the left and then within 10 metres turn left to join the permissive path (Grid Ref: SU220318) running along the edge of the fence line.

Stay with the path for 1km to reach farm buildings (Grid Ref: SU228324).  Follow the path besides the farmhouse for 50 metres then turn right to follow a track. Stay with this track as it passes a drove on the right and then as the track bends towards Winterslow Coachworks garage continue straight on a footpath towards a metal gate (Grid Ref: SU232319).

Pass besides the gate and turn right to walk uphill.  After passing a pit on the left, start to head downhill on a grassy track and then take a footpath on the left (Grid Ref: SU227316) and head across a field towards the edge of Houndwood.

After going through a gap in the hedge the path continues with woodland to the left and an arable field to the right.  After 175 metres as the tree line bends to the left take a footpath on the right (Grid Ref: SU225312) that heads diagonally down across the field to go through the hedge line and then turn left to follow the edge of a field.

This path enters Church Copse by a metal gate (Grid Ref: SU224306) and continues south on a broad track through woodland.  After passing a clearing with an old railway carriage continue for a further 225 metres to reach a footpath on the right with a way marker towards Pitton (Grid Ref: SU223302).

From here head up through Church Copse and stay with the footpath as it runs besides fields to a kissing gate.  Cross the track and go through a gate to walk besides paddocks to reach another kissing gate with fine views (Grid Ref: SU214313).

Take the steps downhill and then follow the path to reach a tarmac lane.  Turn left and head back along the lane to the starting point. 

There are no public toilets.
Customer toilets are available at the Silver Plough during opening hours.

Pitton: The Silver Plough, Pitton Stores

Additional Information:
A narrative of this walk with pictures, historical information and points of interest can be viewed on my associated Two Dogs and an Awning website.

To follow this walk you will need Ordnance Survey Outdoor Explorer Map 131 – Romsey, Andover & Test Valley.

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